Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Day in The Moviessss (Universal Studio)

Quite a tiring day, nonetheless some of the games are really something~~

 photo IMG_20130429_235202_zps9a240005.jpg
We booked our ticket online....a 15% discount~ Still amounted to 63 dollars~~ What a terrible currency we have~   ~.~

Sci-Fi City
One of the most happening zone in Universal Studio.

 photo IMG_20130429_232946_zps9b1e222c.jpg
The whole perimeter was not that big~~

 photo IMG_20130429_232615_zps360a04ad.jpg
Bumble bee~~

 photo IMG_20130429_234807_zpsaec582ad.jpg
Kinda cool right?~

 photo IMG_20130429_233140_zpsbb130b5d.jpg
 A very long queue just to take picture with the autobot~

 photo IMG_20130429_233515_zps6582c30b.jpg
The most famous Transformer 4D.....took a total of an hour to queue for your turn~ But totally worth it! The effect was simply breathtaking.....

 photo IMG_20130429_232830_zpsc24d06ce.jpg
Put on the 3D glass....and enjoy the magnificant effect both visually and physically~

 photo IMG_20130429_232308_zpsd3584e7b.jpg
A must play and possibly the most interesting stuff around the country~

 photo IMG_20130429_235140_zpse59eb648.jpg
Battlestar Galactica (Human and Cyclon)....not for weak heart~

 photo IMG_20130429_235728_zps0b98e0a3.jpg
LOL~ Towards the end...we even went for this~ HA!

Ancient Egypt

 photo IMG_20130429_231223_zps561684c1.jpg
I must say...the architecture was totally cool!
 photo IMG_20130429_232923_zpse821ac04.jpg
 Roller Coster with some mummies~(Dumb)

 photo IMG_20130429_231616_zpsf1d4d168.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_233616_zps8621b0cf.jpg
LOL~ She just looked coolly at me when I said I wana have a picture~ Creepy~~~

 photo IMG_20130429_234356_zpscf197b70.jpg
But then they really take their job seriously~ not just standing there unnecessarily~

 photo IMG_20130429_234457_zps65e1e527.jpg
Still alot more such Army of Anubis around~ 

 photo IMG_20130429_235234_zpse96da23f.jpg
Really incredible~ They walk so stable even with the prosthesis!

The Lost World

 photo IMG_20130429_233406_zps1810e857.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_231305_zpsd597249c.jpg
Watched a live show~

 photo IMG_20130429_232127_zpsf7075b72.jpg
Very similar to a show I watched somewhere in Thailand~ 

 photo IMG_20130429_232857_zpsdc0effa4.jpg
Canopy Flyer~ Took us more than 40 minutes to queue for our turn~ But the whole journey barely lasted 3 minutes~~ Quite a bummer~ Especially if you get the back seat~ Pfft~

 photo IMG_20130429_231926_zps3250934b.jpg
Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure~

 photo IMG_20130429_235819_zps85296af0.jpg
The crowd is just crazy~ Took more than an hour!!! As usual, the journey was less than 10 minutes~

 photo IMG_20130429_235756_zpsa76fa006.jpg
We were forewarned~ And there were some vending machine selling rain coat for 3 dollar each~ Decided to take our chances~~

 photo IMG_20130429_233101_zps0063d861.jpg
So we get on the raft along the stream, with some poorly animated dinosaur prototype~..... Just the last lap was kinda surprising, with a T-rex over head threatening to swallow everyone in the raft(Kinda funny though~) Oh ya~ we were not even slightly wet~ 

 photo IMG_20130429_235006_zps0a6463e6.jpg
Would enjoy more without all these crowd~ 

Far Far Away
Once upon a time......... Yea~ its about some fairy tales~
 photo IMG_20130429_234535_zpsc8e77a30.jpg
But I think the castle was rather magical~~ Lol~

 photo IMG_20130429_232702_zps1f607780.jpg
Yup~ Its shrek~

 photo IMG_20130429_231905_zps085f7c3d.jpg
Went for a 4D show of Shrek~

 photo IMG_20130429_232019_zpsc2a03365.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_232051_zps8bde45c0.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_234618_zps4d4091c8.jpg
While waiting to be seated~

 photo IMG_20130429_232342_zpseb9e9c35.jpg
Put on the 3D glass...get seated.....and enjoy~~

 photo IMG_20130429_231953_zps78e57a4c.jpg
There are 2 types of seating....the moving zone and non-moving zone for parents carrying their child~~
When the donkey sneeze, the water actually splashes you~ And when spiders move pass, something brushes our feet(created quite some screaming in the hall~haha~)

 New York
Street of New York~~The main attraction is a special movie effects show by Steven Spielberg~

 photo IMG_20130429_235522_zpsb435a4d8.jpg
Queue up for Lights, camera and Action!! Watched how special effect was done in the movies~

 photo IMG_20130429_231345_zpsd7ed52fe.jpg
I must say....I was amazed~

 photo IMG_20130429_235921_zps1750a10a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_235625_zps5789e405.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_235456_zps4abd1195.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_233647_zps68685ccb.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_235850_zps133eb318.jpg

Along the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, you can see some really familiar character such as Marilyn Monroe and Woody Woodpacker~ Didn't get a chance to take picture~ Again, couldn't stand the enormous queuing crowd~

 photo IMG_20130429_234839_zpsa39c95e2.jpg
Star of John Travolta~ Ha~

 photo IMG_20130429_232242_zps73402a2a.jpg

Err.....I think kids might like it very much~

 photo IMG_20130429_232547_zps5e0c51f0.jpg
Having said so, the queue still took 30 minutes~

 photo IMG_20130429_235948_zps3db4d28b.jpg
Get on the boat, and they will bring you to the story of Madagascar~(I think)

 photo IMG_20130429_234734_zpsbd54c68d.jpg
Along the stream~

 photo IMG_20130429_235657_zpsec04eb91.jpg
Now you know why I say kids will love it~ 

A very tiring day~~ Some of the shows and games were really fantastic~ Still, price is a big issue~~ 

 photo IMG_20130429_235346_zpsd8cfadf6.jpg

 photo IMG_20130429_232211_zpsb151f90f.jpg
A rare serenity~~

Monday, April 22, 2013


HELLO EVERYONE! I AM BACK!XD More than 2 months MIA~ Finally, back with my degree... clap clap~~ =P

Result was announced for about 2 weeks now~ But just kinda lazy to start blogging again~ They said, never leave work for too long, you might just as well leave it for good~ Human, never stop working~

Enough of crap~Lets get back to bussiness~ So we decided to celebrate it in a crabby style~ The most famous crab in Seremban town~~ Slurp~

 photo DSCN5765_zpsd02a347d.jpg
Seremban most famous crab~

 photo DSCN5755_zps196a73b4.jpg
In action again~

 photo DSCN5756_zpsa1ecbc94.jpg
Mind you, I did not came up with the idea~

 photo DSCN5761_zpsc87acfe0.jpg
This fella did~

 photo DSCN5758_zps28196498.jpg
Always funky~

 photo DSCN5759_zpsf6cfb9e7.jpg

 photo DSCN5760_zpsecb8bbf5.jpg

 photo DSCN5764_zps01ddbc30.jpg
This was super nice!

 photo DSCN5767_zps5ceb95e0.jpg

 photo DSCN5771_zps2fb2b48c.jpg
First time I saw fried preserved egg~

 photo DSCN5777_zps947875af.jpg
Claypot tofu~

 photo DSCN5781_zpsb4df8ec2.jpg
The quantity was really alot~~~

 photo DSCN5782_zps272cf896.jpg
Sweet sour pork (高佬肉) Most importantly, these dishes are actually quite cheap~ The below was exception~

 photo DSCN5784_zpscf822653.jpg
Original fried crab~ Super nice~~ Slurp~

 photo DSCN5790_zps09115575.jpg
The crab meat was so juicy that it actually burst in your mouth! FANTASTIC! Everyone just can't help to lick the shell~ =P

 photo DSCN5794_zpsbbdea33c.jpg
甘香(spicy).......nice also~ Especially the spices~

Overall was really good...except the price~ 62 bucks per kilo...and we ordered 3 kilo~ Anyway...everyone was quite contended though we walk away with a burned porcket~ Burp~ Folks, I'm back!