Monday, May 27, 2013

An Ancient Town (凤凰古城)

A 5 hours journey from the city of Zhang Jia Jie lies a thousand years old small town, not entirely sure it worth all the trouble with the travelling, but the night view and allegedly the dawn was totally fascinating!

 photo IMG_3668_zpsbcfd5144.jpg
The Phoenix Ancient Town

 photo IMG_3669_zpsfeaa9827.jpg
All these old buildings had been improvised into bars and shops~~

 photo IMG_3671_zpsd5048529.jpg
Together with the Tuo-River(沱江), the night view of the phoenix town gain its fame

 photo IMG_3672_zps8533a833.jpg
It used to be free of charge...but since early this year...a compulsory entrance fees of 148 yuan had been implemented~ Nothing goes free here~ 

 photo IMG_3678_zps12be73c8.jpg
The night view was really breathtaking(I heard the dawn was even so)...but a 5 hours journey and an entrance fees of 148 bucks is perhaps alittle too much 

 photo IMG_3688_zps03f43450.jpg
Anyway, walking along the river did gave a very relaxing and tranquilized feeling~

 photo IMG_3709_zpsade89538.jpg
Personally likes this view very much~

 photo IMG_3715_zps48872008.jpg
Look at how clear and serene the river is~~~

 photo IMG_3718_zpsb980b94d.jpg
One of the must do is of course cruising the river 

 photo IMG_3727_zps2979dadd.jpg
Though the weather is abit coolly~ even reaching early summer

 photo IMG_3729_zps1f584a0c.jpg
The aborigines singing along the way~

 photo IMG_3734_zps815ba672.jpg
LOL~ No Japanese~~~

 photo IMG_3738_zps727fa8ae.jpg
Again..I think the place would be a great getaway without the crowd it presented~ Everywhere is packed~ What a waste~

 photo IMG_3740_zps87b9a9bd.jpg
All sorts of local snacks and souvenirs can be bought here~ 
Their ginger sweet is one of the must try~~

 photo IMG_3748_zpsc9c882e1.jpg
A make up artist disguise as a statue~ 

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