Sunday, July 7, 2013

Parting of the Ways

It has nearly been three months since i graduated....yet everything seems so vaguely distance... To recall what I did for the past 2 and a half months were kinda difficult, but one of my friend has nicely phrase it :"this year, you spend 1 month sleeping in hotels~" Ha! i guess he was quite right, spend 3 weeks travelling and 1 week going for induction courses before starting work. Tonight, I start unpacking my belongings brought back from uni, throw away quite alot of useless stuffs, some brought about memories, stuffs I might have forgotten...a night of reminiscence with memories unfolding bits by bits.......

Will start work on monday, which according to many, a dreadful path ahead......Still, am determine not to make mistake, gone were the days of me trying to impress anyone~

 photo IMG_5695_zpsb70afe9e.jpg
Group mates from induction course~

 photo IMG_5697_zps626d42c1.jpg
Before the parting of ways, had 1 last lunch together with the most awesome blokes I have met during my university life~

 photo IMG_5698_zpsef8b8dc4.jpg
Morganfield in pavillion~

 photo IMG_5699_zps3c280e8c.jpg
A platter enough for 4, even 5 persons~

 photo IMG_5700_zpscbb4c61c.jpg
I must say, the taste was simply awesome~

 photo IMG_5701_zpscdb210b4.jpg
The pork ribs was nicely grilled, fragrance and taste was just awesome......juicy~ Perhaps this would be our last meal together for a very very long time........

 photo IMG_5704_zpsc3c3dd01.jpg
To move on, you have always gotta leave behind something precious, something you cared so much, who gave you so much to remember...... But the memories will always stay, just like true friendship.

Oh ya, just realized I have alot of travelling pictures and info that has not been blogged. Given the current circumstances, the chances of me continue blogging are kinda slim. Perhaps this will be my last post. Still, haven't rule out future probability of restarting~ Just came back from SiChuan merely 2 weeks ago, great place, great view, great scenery......ahhh memories...they are just like fairy tales~