Monday, June 10, 2013

Hunan Cuisine (火宫殿)

Another long overdue entry~ We are quite done with our Hunan's journey, though I skip a rather whole lot of uninteresting spot~ Which means we are left with the most important part of a trip(besides sightseeing), food~

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If you google(or rather Baidu) for famous Hunan cuisine, this will surely pop up...The Fire Palace(火宫殿)
Fancy to try the most authentic Hunan cuisine?~ You are in the right place~

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It is located in Chang Sha Huang Xing Road Shopping Street(长沙黄兴路步行街)...this is actually their newer branch, not so sure where is their main outlet~

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There are trolleys of famous hunan cuisine for you to choose from~ Or simply just order anything that you find interesting on the menu~
This pancake was a bummer though~

 photo IMG_2994_zpsb7fffa80.jpg
Very nice~crispy and fragrance...taste was not bad either~

 photo IMG_2996_zpsb66881ff.jpg
Cold dish~ Not too bad actually, perhaps abit too spicy~

 photo IMG_2998_zps02d52cb0.jpg
Their very own special type of tofu~ Very different than the conventional yellow bean tofu~ Theirs has more of a chewy texture~good~

 photo IMG_2999_zps8494c0f8.jpg
Some sort of yam thingy~ Not acceptable~

 photo IMG_3000_zpsb78b7ff3.jpg
Some glutinous rice with filling.....special and nice~

 photo IMG_3767_zps30c90457.jpg
Fried banana...thats what written in the menu~ Was wondering how different is it from our goreng pisang~ Turn out we were surprised yet again~ Instead of fried banana, it should be fried banana paste or dough~ Nevertheless, very nice!

 photo IMG_3749_zpsdea9a6de.jpg
Walnut tarts~ Nice and crispy~ Slurp!

 photo IMG_3750_zps58b878e6.jpg
Their durian tarts!!! Simply awesome! Lip Smacking good!

 photo IMG_3751_zps69f30dfd.jpg failure

 photo IMG_3753_zpsa7c098cc.jpg
Some sort of mix vege...just fair

 photo IMG_3754_zps6e4dd8a9.jpg
Another must try! Not so sure what is it anymore but totally fantastic! Few types of meat, vege and carbo/noodle structure thingy(The best I could describe).......40 bucks per plate..but totally worth it~ 

 photo IMG_3755_zps2d18cd47.jpg
It was finished in a jiffy~

 photo IMG_3757_zpsb02f2851.jpg
Egg wrap~ Always nice~

 photo IMG_3758_zps4813b9c3.jpg
Forgotten what it is~

 photo IMG_3759_zpsd2bbdae2.jpg
Steam good as it can be~

 photo IMG_3760_zps8255e4da.jpg
Again, not sure what it is anymore~

 photo IMG_3761_zpsda347b07.jpg
Fried dumplings~ of course its nice~

 photo IMG_3763_zps4e10d248.jpg
Better off with their special spicy sauce~

 photo IMG_3764_zpse4c74629.jpg
Towards the end of our meal, thought of wana have some local fried noodles, just to try~
So we ordered "炒面"(fried noodle).......the waiter seems unconvinced~ remind us that, this is not fried noodle, but fried flour!(炒面粉) Totally intrigued by what might be served, we decided to order one~
This was what presented ---- fried flour~ Tasted more like our sesame paste really(芝麻糊)~But more oily and stuffy~ 

 photo IMG_3766_zps5d1b8ae7.jpg
Very ordinary tofu~

 photo IMG_3769_zpsc3b0c6e9.jpg
Finally, some dessert~

 photo IMG_3001_zpsf2b00bd4.jpg
Overall not a bad meal at all~

 photo IMG_3002_zpsee89039c.jpg
Might be abit pricey though...the above meal might cost about 300 bucks~ About 150 ringgit~