Monday, May 27, 2013

An Ancient Town (凤凰古城)

A 5 hours journey from the city of Zhang Jia Jie lies a thousand years old small town, not entirely sure it worth all the trouble with the travelling, but the night view and allegedly the dawn was totally fascinating!

 photo IMG_3668_zpsbcfd5144.jpg
The Phoenix Ancient Town

 photo IMG_3669_zpsfeaa9827.jpg
All these old buildings had been improvised into bars and shops~~

 photo IMG_3671_zpsd5048529.jpg
Together with the Tuo-River(沱江), the night view of the phoenix town gain its fame

 photo IMG_3672_zps8533a833.jpg
It used to be free of charge...but since early this year...a compulsory entrance fees of 148 yuan had been implemented~ Nothing goes free here~ 

 photo IMG_3678_zps12be73c8.jpg
The night view was really breathtaking(I heard the dawn was even so)...but a 5 hours journey and an entrance fees of 148 bucks is perhaps alittle too much 

 photo IMG_3688_zps03f43450.jpg
Anyway, walking along the river did gave a very relaxing and tranquilized feeling~

 photo IMG_3709_zpsade89538.jpg
Personally likes this view very much~

 photo IMG_3715_zps48872008.jpg
Look at how clear and serene the river is~~~

 photo IMG_3718_zpsb980b94d.jpg
One of the must do is of course cruising the river 

 photo IMG_3727_zps2979dadd.jpg
Though the weather is abit coolly~ even reaching early summer

 photo IMG_3729_zps1f584a0c.jpg
The aborigines singing along the way~

 photo IMG_3734_zps815ba672.jpg
LOL~ No Japanese~~~

 photo IMG_3738_zps727fa8ae.jpg
Again..I think the place would be a great getaway without the crowd it presented~ Everywhere is packed~ What a waste~

 photo IMG_3740_zps87b9a9bd.jpg
All sorts of local snacks and souvenirs can be bought here~ 
Their ginger sweet is one of the must try~~

 photo IMG_3748_zpsc9c882e1.jpg
A make up artist disguise as a statue~ 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Heaven Gate (天门山)

We spend 3 days in the Zhang Jia Jie National Park, collectively known as the Wu-Ling-Yuan(武陵源), which is located about 30KM from Zhang Jia Jie city~~~ After that, we travel by bus to city centre for our next destination, The Heaven's Gate!!

As the name implies, this mountain I am about to introduce has a very peculiar appearance with a big hole in the middle of the mountain~ According to local record, the hole formed on its own accord out of a sudden.... amazing eh?~~ Anyway, the development of this place was tendered to a Korean company~~

 photo IMG_3392_zpsd4d9c67d.jpg
In order to reach the top of the mountain, you have to take a cable car within the city centre all the way to the top!

 photo IMG_3393_zpsc2de7c95.jpg
Very high standard bio-metric ticket~~

 photo IMG_3402_zps5abaf860.jpg
The cable car actually passed by the city centre with residence area below before getting to more remote area where the mountain is~ Don't know how these people stand all these cable car passing by their head everyday ~~owh~

 photo IMG_3405_zpsedec5e8c.jpg
In fact, this is one of the longest cable service in the world stretches more than 7km and take more than 30minutes to reach the top~

 photo IMG_3420_zps00a5dc67.jpg
Kinda relaxing to enjoy the view, taking snacks, drinking yogurt drinks(awesome stuff) and chit-chatting~~~
Saw that hole in the middle of the mountain?~

 photo IMG_3430_zps32cf371c.jpg
Look at the spiraling road around the mountain~~~ 

 photo IMG_3443_zpse79cd220.jpg
First stop, the glass path!!!!

 photo IMG_3444_zps650377e5.jpg
Yeap...the whole pathway was made of glass~~~where you can have the underneath view bearing clearly under your feet!!!

 photo IMG_3452_zpsb22186b9.jpg
Very exciting as if you are actually stepping on air~~ready to drop any steps any moment

 photo IMG_3457_zpsaf2c2f9b.jpg
Those with a weaker heart can choose to bypass the glass pathway through another path~ But what a waste~~~

 photo IMG_3469_zpsb2584184.jpg
After that, we walk along the mountain and enjoy the scenery from the top of the world!!!!

 photo IMG_3473_zps294785a0.jpg
Imagine having all these encircling you and cool breeze patting you gently on the face~~~

 photo IMG_3479_zps0bf652b4.jpg
There is even a special platform for you to take a clear view picture of the encircling mountain~ Too many people queuing though~

 photo IMG_3482_zps73a8eb0f.jpg
When passed by a valley, a suspension bridge was welcoming us there!!

 photo IMG_3484_zps8c764213.jpg
The view of the whole valley bear glaringly infront of you!

 photo IMG_3490_zps0022fe07.jpg
With cool wind brushing your face~~

 photo IMG_3499_zps284a9645.jpg
Next, cable car to get back to the main cable car station~~~~

 photo IMG_3500_zpse746335d.jpg
But then.......

 photo IMG_3503_zps7deda6a9.jpg

 photo IMG_3511_zpsf1767fe3.jpg
It was very exciting in the beginning and I kept taking alot of pictures~~

 photo IMG_3517_zps25b78fe5.jpg
Have to be extra careful not to drop your camera into the deep valley below your feet~~~

 photo IMG_3532_zpsa67749f0.jpg
And then the initial aerophobia and whatever phobia slowly subsided by the extreme coldness.....brrrr~~

 photo IMG_3544_zps7fb09e3c.jpg
Finally after some 10 of minutes....we reached our destination~~~

 photo IMG_3553_zps780d745b.jpg
Super cold and windy!!!

 photo IMG_3593_zps2b2b6c9f.jpg
After some dizzying journey around the spiraling road you saw just now, we are ready to conquer the "Heaven's Gate"

 photo IMG_3596_zpsd4850c35.jpg
To get to the top, you have to climb 999 super steep steps!!!

 photo IMG_3600_zps00dec949.jpg
There is no leveled area for you to rest in the middle~

 photo IMG_3608_zpse482c626.jpg
If you are too tired, can either sit on the stairs......

 photo IMG_3621_zps2d173de8.jpg
Or just stand and gasp for air~~

 photo IMG_3628_zps3ed43eeb.jpg
After some 20minutes of struggle!!!!

 photo IMG_3633_zps3ff526a3.jpg
Finally we reached the top!!! 

 photo IMG_3648_zpsd3ee385d.jpg
I can see they are building a cable car to the top...maybe in near future, those that find it hard to reach the top can take the cable car there~~~

 photo IMG_3651_zps6f0dc921.jpg
A must try in Zhang Jia Jie~~~ Is a type of wild plants grind and made into tofu like structure~~ Very elastic and awesome texture~~ (魔芋豆腐 - Mo-Yu Tofu)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Walk into Pandora~ (袁家界)

Like I mentioned in previous post, Hunan province was famous with tall and pillar like mountain. In fact, it gains its fame in recent years from the movie Avatar with the signature mountain Hallelujah mountain from the planet Pandora.

 photo avatar-hallelujah-mountain-1920x1080_zpsf4b7f9ed.jpg
Totally awesome right?~ What if you are given a chance to see this for yourselves?~~~

 photo IMG_3189_zps5ccbb0d1.jpg
Not the floating part though~~~

 photo IMG_3146_zps1efe92c3.jpg
So here we were in Zhang Jia Jie National Park.....with all these magnificent pillar-like mountain~

 photo IMG_3141_zpsa8b8fe4e.jpg
The new Hundred Dragon Elevator(百龙天梯) who escalate the speed of reaching the top of mountain~ Though it get some warning from UNESCO for violating some nature protection policies~~~

 photo 159_256510_c7c12a95510c1191_zpsd73e088e.jpg
Quite interesting enough, the French spiderman Jean Michel Casanova conquered the escalator few days after our visit~~~ without any safety measurements(as usual~)

 photo IMG_3148_zpsa24a4f06.jpg
Inside the elevator~~~

 photo IMG_3183_zpsb5e861a6.jpg
I must say... it took away our breath for few seconds~ Phew~

 photo IMG_0001_zpsa603aed9.jpg
There is even a model of Toruk the "big bird" in front of the view where they filmed the scene where Jake captured Toruk~~~(If you can remember~~)

 photo IMG_3208_zpsc461a0b4.jpg
All these years, some of the pillars might have just snap and bridge the nearby mountain~~~
They called this world number 1 bridge~~~ha!

 photo IMG_3222_zpse0a6d32e.jpg
Of course~like the movie avatar, there are still indigenous people staying deep in the mountain~ But to develop this place for tourism purposes, the China government had relocated them somewhere else in the city~ Strangely familiar eh?~ Now we can see James Cameron's sarcasm in this matter~ =P

 photo IMG_3224_zps4042dfbf.jpg
How big exactly is the place?~ The model in the indigenous village (now serve more as a muzeum) shows it all~

One of the most magnificent, beautiful and breathtaking place I have ever been! FUH! Awesome!