Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Walk into Pandora~ (袁家界)

Like I mentioned in previous post, Hunan province was famous with tall and pillar like mountain. In fact, it gains its fame in recent years from the movie Avatar with the signature mountain Hallelujah mountain from the planet Pandora.

 photo avatar-hallelujah-mountain-1920x1080_zpsf4b7f9ed.jpg
Totally awesome right?~ What if you are given a chance to see this for yourselves?~~~

 photo IMG_3189_zps5ccbb0d1.jpg
Not the floating part though~~~

 photo IMG_3146_zps1efe92c3.jpg
So here we were in Zhang Jia Jie National Park.....with all these magnificent pillar-like mountain~

 photo IMG_3141_zpsa8b8fe4e.jpg
The new Hundred Dragon Elevator(百龙天梯) who escalate the speed of reaching the top of mountain~ Though it get some warning from UNESCO for violating some nature protection policies~~~

 photo 159_256510_c7c12a95510c1191_zpsd73e088e.jpg
Quite interesting enough, the French spiderman Jean Michel Casanova conquered the escalator few days after our visit~~~ without any safety measurements(as usual~)

 photo IMG_3148_zpsa24a4f06.jpg
Inside the elevator~~~

 photo IMG_3183_zpsb5e861a6.jpg
I must say... it took away our breath for few seconds~ Phew~

 photo IMG_0001_zpsa603aed9.jpg
There is even a model of Toruk the "big bird" in front of the view where they filmed the scene where Jake captured Toruk~~~(If you can remember~~)

 photo IMG_3208_zpsc461a0b4.jpg
All these years, some of the pillars might have just snap and bridge the nearby mountain~~~
They called this world number 1 bridge~~~ha!

 photo IMG_3222_zpse0a6d32e.jpg
Of course~like the movie avatar, there are still indigenous people staying deep in the mountain~ But to develop this place for tourism purposes, the China government had relocated them somewhere else in the city~ Strangely familiar eh?~ Now we can see James Cameron's sarcasm in this matter~ =P

 photo IMG_3224_zps4042dfbf.jpg
How big exactly is the place?~ The model in the indigenous village (now serve more as a muzeum) shows it all~

One of the most magnificent, beautiful and breathtaking place I have ever been! FUH! Awesome!

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