Monday, May 20, 2013

长沙世界之窗 (Chang Sha Window of the World)

Hunan has always been a very mysterious place even in history....with alot of legend...mystic stories and dark magic which remains a mystery till date. We had a solid 1 week of trip deep to the heartland of Hunan province.....visiting various breathtaking scenery and beautiful places..... At the end of the trip....can't help to think : fantastic places, awesome scenery, beautiful land....but terrible people.....How sad, a land with such rich culture ended so differently with their counterparts~

 photo IMG_2882_zps3a8d451b.jpg
We started with something simple~ Chang Sha Window of The World) 
Kinda lame if compared with the one in Shen Zhen..which is so much bigger!

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The theme of the month....

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 photo IMG_2893_zpsb98c8092.jpg

 photo IMG_2903_zps6a7ebbd8.jpg
Alexandre Light House~ the actual one was 2 times bigger~

 photo IMG_2904_zps78bdbd51.jpg

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 photo IMG_2905_zps6ea4485c.jpg
The sphinx was really abit distorted~

 photo IMG_2908_zpsd8ed1f59.jpg

 photo IMG_2910_zps5db56f0d.jpg
LOL~ The dinosaurs were so "CACAT"!!!

 photo IMG_2911_zpsa3f6e228.jpg
Mount of Rushmore~

 photo IMG_2913_zps19001f32.jpg
As we reached quite late~ Missed a couple of shows~  manage to watch one...
sad animals~~~ >.<

 photo IMG_2917_zpsf311f7f1.jpg
But they can cycle!!! =.=

 photo IMG_2918_zps2416874a.jpg
Even did some acrobat

 photo IMG_2921_zpsb72757ca.jpg
The was the tigers were tamed to resemble dogs brought chills down your spine

 photo IMG_2924_zps5ad29eeb.jpg
I suppose this would be high tech stuff 15 years ago when they 1st started~ Time to upgrade la~

 photo IMG_2925_zpsabdd760e.jpg
European street~

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 photo IMG_2926_zps559269ca.jpg

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 photo IMG_2938_zps031c4657.jpg

 photo IMG_2939_zps83734700.jpg

 photo IMG_2941_zpsaa813168.jpg
Thousand hands Guan Yin...duno from where~

 photo IMG_2944_zpse00aba7c.jpg
Some historic relics from Indonesia~

 photo IMG_2949_zpscd929322.jpg
Quite an interesting contrast~

 photo IMG_2968_zpse9d4dc90.jpg
German Neuschwanstein Castle~

 photo IMG_2979_zps6db2030c.jpg
The Merlion and Sydney Opera House~

 photo IMG_2987_zps6829ccd7.jpg
Not ordinary pirate ship~ Turn and turn when they swing you up and down~

 photo IMG_3003_zpsdd2a0ddd.jpg
Daily product? I bet they are~

 photo IMG_3005_zps5f0c620f.jpg
Got promotional offer~~ 4 star hotel for 190 Yuan per night only~ So cheap!

Quite a tiring travel day~~ Our real trip starts the next day~ When we will go deep into Yun-Gui Highland~ Also got its fame from the Movie Avatar~~ Where they film the pandora planet, Hallelujah mountain and many more magnificent scene there~~

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